Friday, June 17, 2005

Question for Reservoir Supporters

I have some questions for people who are in support of reservoirs in our state and in my own Washington Parish. Here they are:

  1. Do you believe in your heart that it is appropriate to expropriate for eminent domain someone’s private property for the sake of “possible“ economic development and recreation?
    Please remember that the word expropriate means to take without asking.

  1. Do you believe it is wrong to crush down the homes of the poor and elderly to build a lake, at taxpayers’ expense, so that the rich can buildhomes on waterfront property?

  1. going to be removed from their place of burial so someone could water ski, fish, or play golf, does that seem right to you?

  1. If you have a high school diploma or G.E.D., do you think you or members of your family could get a high paying job because of this reservoir?
My personal feeling is that the concept of these reservoirs was fueled by the greed of those who will stand to profit from the construction of the reservoir and the real estate deals that will be made.

I do take issue with those few who would want to profit from the demise of the community that I love, and I praise those who so valiantly standup for the community that they love.

My own state representative, Harold Ritchie, and state senator, Ben Nevers, have admitted that the big economic plan is to build nice homes around the reservoir, but what about my parents’ and neighbors’ homes that will be destroyed and our cemeteries that will be desecrated?
I guess the dollar signs cloud their vision of what they are doing to the naturally beautiful community of Oak Grove that is located in the heart of Washington Parish.

I believe that these self-serving politicians should not be allowed to pass laws that will pay for their real estate development at the taxpayer’s expense. At this point, I, as a taxpaying citizen of Louisiana, will have to pay taxes so that my own community will be destroyed. I believe an additional statement to a politician’s oath of office should be added just like a physician takes upon graduation from medical school, "First, DO NO HARM". People wonder why businesses are leaving Louisiana.
This kind of bad politics is why businesses and the private sector are leaving this state by the droves.

Mrs. Jalon Pittman Beech

Bogalusa, LA

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